Let's Talk

With the right training and follow up, dialogue isn’t all talk – it’s magic.

For your business, it’s nearly impossible to build relationships with a one-script-fits-all approach. Creating powerful dialogue for customers, representatives, vendors, and employees means freeing up words to be heard and felt – with meaning, spontaneity, and authenticity.

Our tailored Conversation Guides get you there by mapping out conversations with key talking points, strong call to actions, key moments, and more. They work to keep conversations on topic while inviting personal rapport to the mix. As a result, even the most experienced agents have raised the bar knowing the direction a conversation should take and delivering it with the flavor of their own unique expression and personality. And what can be more engaging than a question? That’s why, in addition to foundation talking points, we also include relevant open-ended questions to keep the conversation flow natural and your customers talking.

Let us develop an appropriate and effective Conversation Guide strategically structured for your particular project goals, staff, and business objectives.

Training. Education. Preparation.
We call it confidence.

Convert dialogue and experiences to sales with targeted training. Our training programs are designed to educate the participants and raise your bottom line. We tailor our sessions to be interactive and engaging – to get things started quickly and continue to build learning over time. We facilitate classroom lessons – in-person, over the phone, and virtually – designed to inspire action and foster participation and provide real-time coaching and feedback. We keep momentum strong with the materials and structure that support your program strategy, team, and business goals.

Well-trained agents will be taught to make recommendations to fit specific customer needs utilizing newly acquired skills including active listening, rapport building, needs assessment, sales closing techniques, objections handling, and more. They will become comfortable and skilled in gaining customer commitment to close more sales.

Well-trained team leaders will learn to motivate and embolden their team members while improving the overall sales process. They’ll provide effective feedback and coaching to drive results and exceed expectations.

Utilizing Performance Management to Enhance Performance

There’s always room for improvement. But simply identifying those areas is just the first step you need to take for long-term success.

On the phone or online, we meticulously “listen in” and plot agent performance along identified key skills to drive enhancements in those targeted areas. With skill gaps exposed, we apply our custom plans and coaching techniques to ensure improvement, build confidence, and keep projections on track. Then, we monitor over time to ensure the traction against the development plan is meeting expectations and business goals. For team leaders and agents, we conduct coaching sessions and development planning on site or virtually, in groups or individually. Specifically for team leaders, we train on how to coach to each agent’s developmental needs. Quick refresh training and job aids/support materials are created to reinforce the identified key skills and make sure performance is aligned over time.

We are the team in teamwork.

Direct Channels brings you a team of proven experts with a diverse set of capabilities across many disciplines including call center operations, training and facilitation, marketing strategy, brand development, tele-channels education, sales, technology, advertising design, and copywriting. Our unique voices come with different perspectives to strengthen the dialogue for your business, forward your brand, and create informed, memorable high-touch customer experiences.