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Who Is Channels

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Channels is a dialogue agency. We believe that powerful dialogues with customers are at the root of strong customer relationships and are at the core of strong brands. Channels is able to craft the right conversation for you with customers, prospects, businesses, consumers, employees or partners, and always stay true to your brand. Our team is comprised of direct marketing strategists with advanced tele-channels expertise who create and develop high-touch customer experiences on the phone and face to face.

At Channels, we can assist with vendor selection and management, representative training and performance management, employee engagement, and crafting customized customer conversations. We are committed to creating lasting, unique relationships between you and your customers.

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Our Successes

An insurance client was receiving a large volume of calls from customers who wanted to cancel their policies, yet their retention representatives did not have the right tools or the confidence to save them.  Channels streamlined performance goals across all service vendors, renegotiated the contracts, and delivered a training program to improve save rates at the point of cancellation.   Within three months, save rates jumped by 10%.

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