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Our Client:
A Consumer Relationship Care Team at a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company


The Consumer Relationship Care team was fielding inbound servicing calls from consumer card holders. The team was also tasked with offering companion cards to inbound callers in an effort to increase the client’s card member base. No matter what tactics they implemented, the team was not performing at the expected level and could not increase the companion card offer rate for relevant inbound calls. The client engaged Direct Channels to help increase the offer rate which would translate into additional cards in force.

Direct Channels Solution: 
  • We created a series of agent and team leader trainings – as well as general information sessions – to increase awareness and provide concrete examples of how to position and sell the companion cards to the various customer segmentations.
  • The examples and verbiage we offered not only increased the agent’s confidence level but gained their buy-in on the benefits of a companion card. To the card holder, this translated to passion, knowledge, and assurance.



The training, information sessions, and examples provided, resulted in an increase of the agent’s offer success rate from 4.1% to 11.8% – an increase of 188%.

“Direct Channels Group has proven to be a strategic partner in our telesales channel.  The expertise and thought leadership provided by the DCG team has had a positive impact on the success of our program and given me peace of mind. When it comes to translating our overall tele-strategy into tactical action, DCG delivers.  Their support in crafting the right dialogue with vendors, agents and customers enhances our ability to get the right message out to our customers and drive bottom line results.”


“Direct Channels Group provided critical support in the launch of two new external call centers within six months.  They delivered a robust training curriculum and facilitated the new hire training in a clearly defined and effective method.  Their on-site coaching support resulted in key behavioral changes and improved call quality for new agents. DCG has been instrumental in the development of new merchant engagement programs.  From overall strategy conception to tactical implementation, DCG has shortened the time to market and improved chances of success for our new initiatives by providing expert support and sound advice.”


“Melody Medina and Direct Channels Group had an enormous impact on our business at Chartis.  DCG hit the ground running and, unlike any other consulting group, immersed themselves in our business, learning our practices, understanding our goals and listening to our customers.  As a result, they were able to deliver tangible and long-lasting results.”